Day 21: Infinity Scarf

I do not sew.  My sewing machine has been used about two dozen times in the 12 years that I’ve owned i.  And while that may sound like a lot (twice per year!) almost all of those times are credited to my husband.  He sews.  I do not.

But I can sew a straight line and that’s all this project requires!

Cute, huh?  All you need is 2 yards of stretchy knit fabric.  The fabric should be wide as well, to give your scarf that billowy effect.  In my (limited) experience, most any fabric cut off a spool at your favorite fabric store will be wide enough.

To make your scarf, just fold it in half, pin it well, and sew the seams.  I followed Ilene’s advice and sewed over it twice, to reinforce.  Then, just make sure your seam is near the back when you wear it.

Mine took about twenty minutes to make, with half my time spent tooling with the bobbin, trying to get it to thread properly.  A real seamstress could probably do it in half the time.


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